Memorable quotes from Father Luke Zimmer...

1. We should be selfless and not selfish.
2. Some people are so full of anxieties that they do not know when Jesus
comes into their lives.
3. If the Blessed Mother is truly appearing in Medjugorje, She is always
complaining that we do not heed her messages of pray, pray, pray.
4. To surrender takes humility.
5. What does it mean to surrender? It means you are obedient.
6. The Mother of GOD surrendered. She was obedient.
7. St Joseph surrendered by taking up His family and fleeing.
8. Our Lord calls us to live His life.
9. Christian means the anointed one in Christ.
10. We must pray from the heart.
11. Place yourself in the presence of GOD and you will pray from the heart.
12. Women who have had abortions are wounded, and they are still suffering.
13. Any person who has an abortion is automatically excommunicated from the 
Church. We can forgive the excommunication in confession.
14. Ask yourself, what would Jesus do? Then do it.
15. The effects of original sin are still within us.
16. We not only have the weakness of the flesh, but we are dealing with the 
evils of the world.
17. The devil will tempt the ones who are striving for the holy life, much more
than others.
18. We must rebuke him (the devil) every time.
19. You are not tempted beyond your strength.
20. The world is tempted more today than any other time in the history of 
21. We have to win the battle of life.
22. The doctor doesn't know everything.
23. My sister in law made rosaries and she always prayed for the people who 
got them.
24. We need to thank GOD for all the blessings and gifts He has given us.
25. The Mass is the perfect prayer.
26. We pray most of the time for the things of this world and they are not 
worth pins.
27. HE remains with us day and night.
28. We take His blessings and gifts for granted.
29. HE is in charge of the world.
30. We need to pray our morning prayers, and the best morning prayer is the 
Mass. What blessings we receive by attending daily Mass.
31. The Mystical Mass prayer was written after 40 years of meditating.
32. When you pray the Mystical Mass Rosary it is more efficacious, more 
meritorious than all other prayers put together.
33. Praying the rosary without the Mystical Mass Rosary, is like a drop of 
water in the ocean. Why not pray the whole ocean?
34. If you could see what GOD The Father showed me (in Heaven), you would 
never pray the rosary any other way.
35. The messages fall on deaf ears. Again I have to ask why?
36. We must not be people that just pussy-foot around.
37. If you are working, you could be praying.
38. If you are walking, you could be praying.
39. If you are driving, you could be praying.
40. You must pray all the time.
41. When you don't know how to pray, you have to start. You have to have a 
42. GOD the Father was so pleased when Jesus said in the Garden of Gethsemane,
"Father, not My will be done, but Thine."
43. What we need to do is to pray for peace in the world.
44. The Rosary is the weapon to bring about conversion and peace.
45. We should rejoice that we have such a voracious leader in our Church.
46. GOD has entrusted the child to the parents.
47. Children, if they are guided properly and loved dearly, they will respond.
48. It is not an easy task to raise children properly.
49. It is the parents duty to have a peaceful home, as much as possible.
50. GOD the Father is a loving Father, a forgiving Father, a merciful Father.
51. GOD does not want people to divorce.
52. Help our young people to understand what married life is.
53. You have to learn parenting by becoming a parent.
54. With GODS help, you can take up your Cross and follow Him.
55. The child is to bring a unity to the family
56. We have to help young people to raise children the right way.
57. Grandparents should not be forced to raise a second family.
58. Women today run away from motherhood.
59. The reason why family life is in so much trouble is that GOD is not the
center of it.
60. Our Church is the fastest growing Church in the world. We have one billion
Catholics in the world today.
61. Other Christian Churches are falling apart.
62. He is a person of hope. (the Pope)
63. Communism, that atheistic, godless way of life.
64. We see in our Church, paganism.
65. Young people are not taught correctly, and they behave in a pagan way.
66. We have to accept the faith and embrace the faith.
67. My brother took his wife to the hospital yesterday and he was the only 
one to come home.
68. We just don't know when we will go.
69. Death is just a heartbeat away.
70. Women have a quality, if they are with GOD, to bring out the best in 
71. You can never waste your time in prayer.
72. The image you have here (St Dominics) of the Blessed Mother, I have seen 
it, and I believe in it.
73. The Holy Spirit should guide you and direct you, unless you have a 
question that has to be answered.
74. So many people think I am their spiritual director, but they never contact
me. How can I direct them if they never write or call me?
75. A spiritual director has absolutely full responsibility before GOD, of the
souls he is directing.
76. GOD asked me to pray a 15 decade rosary every day. I told Him He would
have to provide one for me since I didn't have one. Later, I went to visit
the 'Little Rose Ferron' home, and as I waited outside a woman I had not 
met before, stopped and said she had something for me, but she had to go 
home to get it. She came back in about a half hour and said, "I don't know
why, but I have to give this to you." It was a 15 decade rosary.
77. In spite of the news you see, it is a good time to be alive.
78. We are in the end times.
79. That is what She promised, and that is what it will be.
80. It would be foolish to ignore our Mother Mary.
81. The reason we do not have peace in the world is that we do not pray.
82. She (Mary) says we do not do penance.
83. People say they have no power over satan and they wonder why.
84. It is the duty of the parents to teach the children the truth.
85. You cannot change any person, you have to leave that to GOD.
86. What is the climate in your family?
87. GOD gives a vocation at a very early age, usually.
88. This was the year to examine our conscience.
89. Next year (1996) will be devoted to the Holy Spirit.
90. One of the greatest sins ever committed is the sin against human respect.
91. Do not be afraid to tell the truth.
92. Do not be fearful or afraid to speak out.
93. The Holy Father is the leader of our world.
94. We can't be guided by visions or locutions or ecstasies.
95. If you get bogged down in visions, etc, you can't advance your spiritual 
96. HE waits on you until you give Him permission. HE gave you free will.
97. By the gift of knowledge he will let you see the difference between the
natural and the supernatural.
98. The Blessed Mother begs us to change our lives.
99. The people who take a three year course in spiritual direction do not learn
100. If you have a spiritual director, talk to that person, write to that 

Father Luke Zimmer, SS.CC. August 3, 1923 - January 7, 1997
Ordained June 5, 1954...

We miss you Fr. Luke...

"Thou Art a Priest Forever According to the Order of Melchisedech"
Psalms 110:4

Compiled by Bob Stanley
March 16, 2008

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